How it Works

Yes, it really is anonymous!

Phone numbers and IP addresses are NEVER captured, tracked, or saved. Submissions through the P3 Tips app, or through our website, are filtered through a third party vendor upon submission. The only information we receive is the raw text you send in your tip!

Submit an anonymous tip!

Download the FREE "P3 Tips" app on your Apple or Android Device. Submit a tip through our mobile friendly tip submission site, P3 Tips, or call our tip hotline at 910-483-TIPS. Whatever method you choose to submit your tip, tips are accepted 24/7 -- Even on holidays! You'll be provided with a unique tipster identification number at the end of your tip submission. Keep this identification number safe and secure -- You'll need it to follow-up on your tip and to claim any available reward! 

We forward your tip to law enforcement. 

After we take your tip, we forward the tip to the appropriate law enforcement agency for investigation. We have a close relationship with all law enforcement agencies within Cumberland County. The investigating agency will provide us with the disposition of your tip. Law Enforcement does not receive any information about you! Remember, we don't ask for your name, address, or phone number. We want your information, not your name.

After submitting a tip.

You should follow-up with us a week later! We don't have your personal information or contact information to call you to provide you with your tip disposition. If you submitted your tip through the P3 Tips app or electronically through the website we can send you anonymous messages to inform you of your tip status. Rest assured -- All messages are filtered through the P3 Tips software vendor, and all we see is raw text. We don't receive your e-mail address or IP address. Please wait one week prior to following up to allow time for the investigating agency to investigate your tip. 

If you're following up on the status of your tip by calling our tip hotline, please call Monday-Friday 9:30 am - 4:30 pm, excluding holidays. Tips are accepted 24/7, however personnel with access to tip disposition are not available after these hours. You can check the status of your tip anytime by logging in through the P3 Tips app or by visiting

Get paid.

If your anonymous tip leads to an arrest or to a crime being solved, you may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000! When you submit your tip, you'll be provided with a unique tipster identification number. Keep this identification number safe and secure -- You'll need it to claim any available reward! If you're eligible for a reward, we will send you directly to a local bank to collect your cash reward. You don't have to meet with law enforcement to claim your reward and you won't have to appear in court! We provide rewards upon a case being solved or an arrest, you don't have to wait for a conviction. The amount of the reward varies, depending upon factors such as the information given, the nature and severity of the crime committed, the number of arrests made, and the value of any property or narcotics seized. 

In the event of an emergency.

If you have an urgent matter or an emergency, always call 911. Emergencies must be reported directly to law enforcement.